Travel is life!

It ‘s difficult to express in words my feelings at this time; conflicting emotions of joy, fear, adrenalin, desire to reach my goals. Before such a long journey, both for its duration and the kilometers that I would travel by bike, I thought to myself: “My poor mom has to tolerate such a rebellious daughter.”

But in the end I’m certain that, despite her fears and concerns, she is happy to see that I’m going to realize my dreams. She is the person who has always encouraged me to chase my dreams and who always believed in me.

Whenever I think that this moment is finally approaching, I’m almost incredulous. Sometimes I think I’m reckless but I think that always being super cautious does not lead to anything. You should always throw you into the unknown.

Life is made of moments to be savored intensely and the journey is the one thing that, more than any other, can give a sense of freedom, the very essence of life. The journey is discovery, joy, meeting. The journey is life.


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